What is TRX?

Testimonial:   “I just finished her 8 week one…lost 14.5 inches! total of measurements!  This program has truly been a great motivator for me!!! I will be doing this new one too!  Seriously, this gym is a great place to go whether you are starting out or already into fitness!  She is challenging and motivational!!  I have an extremely busy career where I often work 50+ hours a week and I can find time and energy to go to the gym because of the positive atmosphere!  Everyone at the gym is supportive and motivational!  Jill offers a wide variety of classes that keeps me from getting bored and she changes things up to keep them fun and interesting while challenging.  I, personally, love kettlebells and TRX but have learned to really enjoy the cardio kickboxing, which is something I didn’t think I’d ever be interested in!
This has truly been life-changing for me!  I am the healthiest and strongest I’ve ever been!”
Becky Alm-Foix on 4UFit Camp