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Jill Lepisto


Jill Lepisto is a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. Jill was born and raised in Duluth, MN and has deep family roots in the Northland Community. From a young age Jill has been involved in gymnastics, competitive dance, sports, and weight training. Throughout her life she has always set high goals for herself and worked hard to attain them. This includes but is not limited to competing in dance at local and state levels, completing the William A. Irvin 5K run, Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon, and several North Shore Inline Marathons. Her enthusiasms in personal fitness lead to opportunities of teaching dance and fitness classes as a young adult. This in turn evolved into her passion of inspiring others to achieve their fitness, nutritional, and wellness goals and enjoying the journey.

Jill has been involved in helping others enjoy fitness and attain personal fitness, nutritional and wellness goals throughout her life and has taught classes in the community at a local dance studios, marital arts studios, YMCA, and Indian Health Services. She has experience in teaching both children and adults. In 2006 she took her knowledge, education and experience in fitness, nutrition and wellness to the next level and became the co-founder and co-owner of The Fitness Edge of Minnesota. She recently accomplished another personal goal and opened her own fitness studio, 4 U Fitness, in June 2009 as the sole owner and founder. Since opening 4 U Fitness she created many opportunities for herself and began focusing on additional aspects of fitness, nutrition and wellness. She has recently been recognized by the local fitness, nutrition, and wellness community and given the opportunity to work with and choreographing for local women bodybuilding, figure, and fitness competitors at the local, state, national level in which she takes great pride.

In addition to her fitness, nutrition, and wellness background Jill has also followed in a family tradition and is educated, knowledgeable, and experienced in the medical field with an emphasis in Pharmacy.

Jill believes fitness is a journey as well as a destination that should be looked as a shared adventure of education, application, and dedication. It is a journey which should be enjoyable, challenging and diverse. It is not a journey with an end but should be continued throughout life.



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